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Every year, the amount of electronic data corporations store more than doubles. There's a constant increase in the size of the files we use. Email usage and storage of large graphic files, and multimedia files from the Internet are creating a sudden increase in the amount of disk space used. CSX's storage solutions focus on data availability, integrity, accessibility, manageability and disaster recovery. Our consultants will work with you to employ a solution to store, protect, manage, and move your data while taking into consideration your growth plans, cost savings, and efficiency.

CSX's solutions offer the ability to set up high-availability clusters, combine servers, reduce backup time, and centralize your data. These scalable solutions grow with your business and save you money on server acquisitions and maintenance. CSX consultants will design the storage solution that fits your business needs today, with the ability to easily enhance that solution as your business grows.

CSX designs storage solutions for small, medium, and enterprise environments. This distinct solution allows for integration and management of data on multiple platforms. The flexibility and functionality gained from a CSX storage solution will allow you to reprioritize internal technology initiatives and increase employee and system efficiencies.

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